Beginning in 2004, the company licensed the right to sell business casual menswear products under the Fuguiniao brand to an Independent Third Party. In May 2011, the company started to sell Fuguiniao branded menswear products itself, taking full advantage of the product advantages and brand awareness of Fuguiniao and recorded turnover generated from such sales. Fuguiniao branded menswear includes suits, pants, jackets, shirts, woollen sweaters, cotton-padded clothes, wind breakers, skirts, leather clothes, coats, ties and many other products. Until now, Fuguiniao branded menswear has built up relatively high brand awareness and recognition. With the continuous improvement of brand awareness of business casual menswear and long-lasting marketing activities, business casual menswear has been through the most significant growth among formal, business casual, fashion and other types of menswear. We believe, with broader acceptance of business casual lifestyle and attitude, the market share of Fuguiniao business casual menswear could probably increase in the coming years.